Volunteer Registration

Folsom-Cordova Unified School District policy is to register all parent volunteers. If you will be volunteering for the Music Boosters as a chaperone, in the pit crew, working with uniforms, anyone working with students — you need to register.

If you are a returning parent with Category 2 status, you do not need to complete the forms again unless there have been changes to the information.

All parent volunteers must complete the Category 2 volunteer registration process. This includes all paperwork, TB test and live scan (if needed). We are not using the Category 1 Volunteer forms.


Category 2 - requires live scan fingerprinting

Driving a private car with students on a day field trip, chaperoning on overnight trips or any volunteering done without teacher supervision.

Download all 3 forms and turn in with your TB test.

  1. Download and complete the Category 2 Volunteer Application.

  2. Download and complete the Complete Volunteer Agreement.

  3. Download and complete the Complete Volunteer Acknowledgment of Receipt. This refers to the FCUSD Workers Compensation Managed Provider Network documnetDownload HERE.

  4. Provide a copy of TB test (good for 4 years). TB skin test results are good for 4 years. You can use your own doctor or go to one of the clinics held by the district (the district schedule is available for download).

  5. Turn all forms and TB test result into Mr. Gaesser - ASAP.

  6. Mr. Gaesser will get Principal signature.

  7. The Category 2 form will be returned to you to take to the District Office for a live scan form.

  8. Get a live scan (directions provided by the District office).

  9. Download and read the District Volunteer Handbook.

Volunteer FAQs


Q: Are all volunteers required to get Category 2 registered?
A: We are asking all volunteers to complete the Category 2 registration process - even if you have Category 1 paperwork on file.

Q: I am registered as a Category 2 volunteer at another school in the district. Am I required to register with Folsom High School?
A: Yes. If you have registered as a Category 2 volunteer at another school, you still need to register at Folsom High School. Please follow the instructions above and return the forms to Mr. Gaesser.