Student Scholarships

At the end of each academic year, Music Director Curtis Gaesser is honored to award several scholarships to graduating seniors in recognition of their achievements in music education, citizenship, leadership and/or work ethic.  We are immensely grateful for the to the family members, loved ones and generous supporters of excellence in music education who fund the scholarships listed below.  Each scholarship was created in the memory of former students and/or supporters of music and music education at Folsom High School.  We are proud to recognize the student recipients of these scholarships and humbled to honor the lives and legacies of Nancy Charlesworth, Jimmie Lowder and Dave Schetter, in whose names the scholarships are awarded.



The Nancy Charlesworth Memorial Scholarship


2016-2017:  Hank Allen-Barfield and Brendan Sick
2015-2016:  James Olpin
2014-2015:  Jake Augustine and Sam Bailey
2013-2014:  Jeff Gallagher and Trent Grossfeld
2012-2013:  Jonathan Barrows and Molly Redfield
2011-2012:   Austin Gaesser and Mitch Wersky
2010-2011:  Lynsey Carpenter
2009-2010:  David Allred
2008-2009:  Allexa Lopez
2007-2008:  K. Boyce
2006-2007:  Laura Pelser and Leanna Pelser
2005-2006:  Kelsey Iverson
2004-2005:  Colin Matthewson
2003-2004:  Matt Dorais
2002-2003:  Jason Wood
2001-2002:  Joe Carlson
2000-2001:  Laura Crook
Jimmie Lowder for website.PNG

The Jimmie Lowder Scholarship Memorial Fund

In memory of Jimmie Lowder, 19 years old, of Chico and Folsom, California, who passed away in a tragic accident in Chico on November 15, 2013. Jimmie was born on December 29, 1993 and raised in Folsom, California. Jimmie was a Folsom Music alumni and graduated from Folsom High School in June 2012 and attended California State University, Chico.  He was the fourth child to his loving parents, Mark and Judy Lowder and three sisters, Sarah, Janna, and Jocelyn.  At the request of Jimmie's family, we established the Jimmie Lowder Scholarship Memorial Fund.  The fund provides scholarships for excellence in music to select graduating Folsom High School music students.


2016-2017:  Victoria Anyanwu, Ashley Bussard and Annie Strombom
2015-2016:  Hailey Levea and Cole Wersky
2014-2015:  Thomas Garcia, Alex Richardson and Victor Wei
2013-2014:  Brett Dudley and Aravind Giduturi
Dave Schetter.2.PNG

The David G. Schetter Memorial Jazz Scholarship


2016-2017:  Chetan Giduturi, Jake Hamzawi, Joseph Lombardi, Sara Runyan and Veola Sun