We are in need of chaperones for our many Marching Band and Jazz trips.

Chaperone Requirements

Chaperones must register with the district. Please refer to our Volunteer Registration page for information and forms. 

Marching Band Chaperone Lead

Allyson White

Jazz Groups Chaperone Lead

Brenda Strombom


Marching Band

    10/14/17   Franklin Marching Band Festival                                                                                                                                                           10/21/17   Del Oro Marching Band Festival  
    11/11/17   Napa Marching Band Festival  
    11/18/17   Fairfield - Scarlet Brigade Marching Band Festival

Jazz Band and Choir

     1/3-7/18       JEN - Dallas  (JB I, II; JC)
     2/10/18        El Cerrito Jazz Festival (JB I)
     2/23/18        Woodcreek Jazz Festival (JB II, III)
     3/2/18         Columbia Jazz Festival (JC)
     3/16-17/18  Santa Cruz Jazz Festival (All jazz groups)  
     4/7-8/18      Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival (JB I and JC - TBD, by invitation only)
     4/27-28/18  Reno Jazz Festival (All jazz groups)